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SignalFrame was founded as Wireless Registry in 2013 to organize the emerging landscape of wireless signals. It was clear that wireless connectivity would become deeply rooted into our environment, and that there was an opportunity to organize this emergent space.

As the number and variety of wireless things exploded, Wireless Registry embraced a self-organizing graph data strategy to manage dynamic scale requirements. SignalGraph was born, and soon demonstrated how streaming graph services and advanced AI/ML resolutions can deliver against the founding ideas of organizing the worlds wireless signals. The company officially became SignalFrame in January 2019.

Digital Location Evolution


Introduction of the commercial Internet launches era of digitization. End-users connect to networks via ethernet. IP geolocation provides initial capability to manage access and content by location.

Late 1990s

Introduction of WiFi and Bluetooth protocols, providing wireless connectivity for the first time.


Apple iPhone introduced, bringing wireless internet, GPS, and maps to the masses. Other vendors quickly follow, and the location-enabled services industry is launched.


Location-enabled services expand exponentially, spawning sophisticated mobile targeting capabilities along with concerns over data privacy, lat/lon spoofing, and unwanted tracking.


A new generation of location-enabled services - Proximity Services - emerges that builds upon traditional location-enabled services by improving precision, providing additional security, and addressing privacy concerns of legacy lat/lon offerings.

Leadership Team

Cameron Meierhoefer

CEO: Cameron Meierhoefer

As CEO, Cameron is responsible for the overall management and success of the company. Cameron joined SignalFrame in September 2018 from comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) where he most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. During his 18-year tenure he helped build the internet research startup into a global source for trusted media measurement, driving development of many of the company’s industry solutions spanning e-commerce, financial services and media/advertising measurement products. Cameron holds a BS from Columbia University, and MS from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Stillman Bradish

Co-founder and COO: Stillman Bradish

As COO Stillman is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. He brings deep expertise in wireless technologies, IoT applications, and proximity applications. Prior to starting SignalFrame, Stillman founded Radius Networks, a DC-based location technology company focused on helping businesses locate, engage and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking. Stillman has been awarded several U.S. and international patents and has a number of additional patents pending in various areas of proximal services and proximal signal systems.

Srdjan Marinovic

Co-founder and CTO: Srdjan Marinovic

As CTO Srdjan leads the development of the company’s temporal graph platform (SignalGraph™), semantic and proximal resolution engine, and client solutions. Prior to co-founding SignalFrame he was a senior researcher at ETH Zurich, focused on logical security and privacy models, and distributed time-series event processing supported by Google and Kaba Security Industries. Srdjan holds a PhD from Imperial College London where his work focused on non-monotonic AI systems and symbolic trust-management algorithms. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 published research papers and presentations in the fields of security, streaming data, and applied AI.

Mikella (Mikey) Hurley

General Counsel: Mikella (Mikey) Hurley

As General Counsel, Mikey is responsible for all of SignalFrame's legal affairs. Before joining the SignalFrame team, Mikey practiced law at Perkins Coie, LLP, where she advised and represented clients on a wide range of matters including data privacy and security, discrimination laws and their implications for AI and machine learning, and a variety of constitutional issues. Previously, Mikey led the Transparency & Accountability Team at GAVI, an international global public health organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. She has also served as a Law Clerk to the Honorable Roy McLeese III of the D.C. Court of Appeals, and a Judicial Intern to the Honorable James E. Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Mikey earned her JD from the Georgetown University Law Center, where she graduated magna cum laude. She also holds a Master of International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, and a BA from Macalester College. She is admitted to practice law in Washington, D.C. and New York.

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