Market Intelligence

Wireless connectivity blankets our cities, homes, and workplaces. It extends beyond smartphones to a wide variety of Internet of Things and smart devices, all of which emit billions of WiFi, Bluetooth, and BLE signals.

By capturing detectable signals from thousands of products, venues, and brands, SignalFrame determines when and where new things appear in the world. Our SignalGraphâ„¢ platform sees cars drive off the lot, early adoption of products in specific markets, and businesses opening and turning on their WiFi networks.

At a glance:

  • 10+ thousand device types (electronics, wearables, cars, appliances, etc.)
  • 6.5+ thousand venues and businesses (restaurants, hotels, office buildings, travel hubs, etc.)
  • 8+ billion total unique signals (WiFi, BLE, Bluetooth)
  • 2+ million signals per minute

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