Signal Classifier

Wireless connectivity blankets our cities, homes, and workplaces. Beyond just smartphones, it extends to a wide array of businesses and devices – from cars to electronics, and fast-food restaurants to hotel chains.

Each detectable WiFi, Bluetooth, or BLE signal provides clues about the thing or place that emits it. SignalFrame has built the world's largest database of signal identifiers to associate every signal-emitting device back to a business, brand, or product.

By analyzing each signal name (SSID) and unique identifier (MAC), our SignalGraphâ„¢ platform classifies signals into 10,000 product types (such as Tesla, Fitbit, or Roku) and over 10,000 businesses (such Starbucks, Marriott, or Cheesecake Factory).

Leverage the Signal Classifier to understand the world through signals at any location.

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